Earlier today I asked:

In what ways does BSV not conform to the white-paper?

Being that this was on twitter, your answers are limited in text.

That shouldn’t serve as a crutch for answers to be limited in thought.

You write very well. You are thoughtful in your essay construction…

Part 1 — Distributed Autonomous Organizations — You Are Here
Part 2 — dApps
Part 3 — Protocols
Part 3 — Tokenization

If You’re confused by Blockchain. I Get It.

If your eyes have ever glazed over when evangelists like me start blabbering on about Distributed Ledgers, DAOs, dApps, Protocols, Tokenizations, or any of the others that get…

In TypeScript, Types Are Simply Annotations

TypeScript spits out JavaScript in the end. It’s not forcing types in the JS runtime. So, enforcement of typing isn’t possible since all valid JavaScript files are also typescript files.

TypeScript has all the primitive types of JavaScript (bool, number, string, null, undefined) but it also has some extras to…

I’ve been thinking about this for over a decade. The first time I wrote about it was somewhere around 2012 (ill find the link someday).

Short Answer: Yes.

If G-d is all knowing and all powerful, obviously they can code.

Taking Faith out for a second and look @ this with a hint of objectivity… In all the old religious texts…

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